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Brexit: A Trade Question for Business & Politics

CC by Ree Saunders

Our advisory member Michael Jäger took part in an event in the European Parliament alongside Iuliu Winkler MEP; Sean Kelly MEP; Arnaldo Abruzzini, Secretary General, EUROCHAMBRES; and Ambassador Declan Kelleher, Head of the Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU.

The purpose of this event was to gain an idea of what sort of decisions business would like to be seen taken by politicians, and how politicians themselves expect business to react to the decisions made.

The mobilisation of the economic players in the business sector should aid in the exit negotiations ending in a fair and pragmatic compromise for all. The event was very insightful of the potential future for the EU and UK,.The organisers are planning a follow-up event in early 2018 which will take place in one of the oldest parliaments worldwide, located in the Palace of Westminster in London.