About regional cooperation and common European interests

On the 6th of July SME Europe cordially invites you to join our Conference with Swiss & German Economic Associations under the title “about regional cooperation and common European interests”.

This event is organised by the European SME Business Club, in cooperation with the European Economic Senate, the Alps Adria Powerhub, the Berufsständische Vereinigung für Führungskräfte und Angestellte aus Vereinen, Verbänden und Stiftungen and the Taxpayers Association of Europe. It will take place in the Radisson Blu Hotel at the airport of Zurich.

The event will start with two workshops: On the one hand, expectations for the future of economic policy cooperation between Germany and Switzerland are being worked on here. On the other hand, the challenges of representing interests for Swiss and German business associations will be discussed. After that a panel discussion on the effects of Brexit on the Swiss economy will follow.

Please register here: https://www.dsvf.eu/anmeldung/